10 Blog Ideas for Tour Operators

Table of contents

1. Best things to do, sightseeings, experiences

The ultimate travel guide to X, sightseeings, experiences, top attractions in X, adventure/outdoor activities (beach/hiking), free things to do, winter/summer, checklist everything to see in X, lists (15 places to see in COUNTRY)

2. Trip planning (how to)

How to prepare for the trip, What to pack, public transportation/how to get around, where to stay (neighborhoods and hotels), how long to stay, compare cities, safety tips, best time to visit

3. Culture

Local customs and etiquette, How to greet local people, basic words (hello, thank you, bye), dress code, interview local people to show how they live, the history of CITY, 10 things you didn’t know about the INHABITANTS, 20 surprising facts about COUNTRY

4. Food and drinks

Where and what to eat, Recommend local restaurants, bakeries, food markets, famous local dishes/specialties to try, +nightlife (where to go out, bars, clubs), recipes (how to make an authentic Portuguese X)

4. Day trips, partner tours

More activities nearby: Best tours to book in X (other companies that offer different activities), specialty tours

 local day trips from

5. Events

5 Lisbon events not to miss this Summer, Surf competition, music or food festival, tournament, exhibition

7. 10 reasons why you should visit

Outline the benefits to convince the readers that your destination is worth traveling to (attractions, historical sites, natural landscapes, unique food

8. FAQ

Post based on questions your customers often ask

9. Itinerary

2 weeks around COUNTRY – the perfect itinerary, 1 weekend in CITY

10. Hidden gems

Lesser-known attractions, local eateries, off-the-beaten-path recommendations